my ds – January ’09

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our ds turned 2!

January is such a great month for us. We have a lot to be thankful for this year! We are thankful that our ds is healthy and happy and two! Am I ready for the “t” two? (Who knows… I’ll cross the bridge when I get there.)  This is one of the nice freebie kits I downloaded from pton designs. tfr/tfl


my ds

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My ds smiling for the camera. Taken last month (Jan 2009)... you can tell that the storms won't let this kid down.

This is a qp from albina designs. Although it is winter, I chose to use the pretty “un-wintery” picture frame qp from her to scare away the snow! tfl!

la lang…

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di ba, cute smile sang bata ko? daw ginabayan singko, dba? enjoy!

di ba, cute smile sang bata ko? daw ginabayan singko, dba? enjoy!

Here’s another page with the irregular frame. I like the look of it and the negative space on the page… above all, I love the smile on my ds’ face. Once again, I’d like to thank plavinka for her awesome designs. tfl/tfr


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_sp_promise_previewShown below is a little logo I made out of a very pretty collection from Shabby Princess called the Promise. I stayed up later than usual for this considering I’ll have  new assignments tomorrow!


goodnight everyone!

Enjoy the Moment

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Another digi-scrap I tried with the shabby princess freebie kits. Khriss and my ds didn’t care about what’s going on around them… They’re just enjoying the moment! I wish we could all emulate that. tfr!



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Here’s another practice I’ve done with the resources from shabby princess. If you’re ever you’re bored or lonely, I hope you’ll find it in your heart to ~ snap out of it!! Be happy and digi-scrap! 🙂

Stay Happy. tfr!gorgeous

My First Digi-Scrap

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Here’s my first take on digi-scrapping… I got this awesome resource from shabby princess. I used different papers from different designs that it’s safe for me to give the credits to where it’s due.

My special Thank You goes to Michelle who is the source of my “photoshop wisdom.”  tfr!